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Agents Of Subjectivism (2013)

“The four essays that appear here have been selected to represent James’ current ideas on art both locally and internationally, and have been teased out though a patient and reflective process of re-writing, refinement and re-contextualisation. James’ voice as an art critic is not an academic one, but more the opposite, whereby a lively anti-academic criticality emerges with a spectrum of references and visceral analogies tethered from art history, journalistic art criticism, popular culture and philosophical perspectives.” (Eilís Lavelle, editor)

“The ‘agents’ that populate the following essays are artists who are in retreat, but not on the ‘back foot’. Whether it is the battle of the subjective self vs  the

objective other in two artworks by Miroslaw Balka and Liam Gillick respectively; Katherine Waugh and Fergus Daly’s chasing down of artists and theorists to capture The Art of Time; Damien Flood’s painted delineation of his corruptible new geography; or the breaking down of institutional/individual/collective borders of art-making in the group exhibition Underground; it is the theoretical and formalist invention of those agents discussed that shatters the

glass pane of presentment.” (James Merrigan)

*As part of his residency James also facilitated a series of writing workshops between July and December 2011. From this residency five short texts were produced by artists and writers Sarah Lincoln, Louise Cherry, Mark Swords, Helen Horgan and Emma Roche, and are included in the publication

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